Fall is here! And everyone has their fall traditions, pumpkins, caramel, and football. I am a HUGE Clemson fan, and I am very sad at their recent loss. But everyone around me is a Panthers fan.

Cam Newton is a very successful quarterback who plays for the Panthers. But I’m not so sure if I want to root for him alongside my friends. After playing a game in early October, a female reporter asked Newton about the routes that they played. He responded with, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”.


Lyer , Vinnie. “Cam Newton Takes One Small Pass toward Another Big Season with Panthers.” Sporting News, 25 Aug. 2017, a caption

This created an uproar in the sports world and he quickly apologized through twitter.

Football is considered a sport for a man to many people and when you think of football you think of burly men fighting for a ball. But that doesn’t mean that females can’t play, it is not restricted just to men. I mean, when you think of ballet you think of a beautiful prima ballerina resting in first arabesque on pointe (I love ballet by the way). But men dance too. You can’t have a successful ballet without a man, you wouldn’t have any pas de deux’s or partnering. If men can dance, women can play football.

I think the reason that there aren’t many females playing professional football, is that they are scared. If you can and like to play football, you should be able to do it no matter what gender. So go and do what you like!

Dress Code

Hey guys! I am really sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, school has been really busy! This brings me to the first topic of discussion. Dress code.

I know a lot of schools have dress codes that are very strict and almost to the point of uniforms and in some ways that is a very good idea. It eliminates the risk of bullying directed towards clothing and makes picking out clothes a lot easier. But schools like mine just have a dress code.

The rule that we believe is directed towards females is the shorts length. According to the official rule, “Pants/shorts/skirts must be worn at the natural waistline and securely fastened. Skirts, shorts, and dresses should be reasonable in length, using fingertip length as a rule of thumb. No tempo shorts.”. If you don’t know what tempos are here is a picture.


Most tempos are fist length and are by far the most popular kind of shorts at my school. They are comfy and go with any t-shirt, and are athletic for gym. But we cannot wear these. In fact, we cannot wear any shorts. It is a fact that cute fingertip length shorts are very hard to find. So most of the girls at my school wear jeans and buy basketball shorts for gym. Now, this is not the hardest thing in the world to do, but it is hot outside. I mean it is October but still 80 degrees!

Also, boys get to wear athletic shorts, but we cannot. The reason we cannot wear shorts is that “the boys will get distracted”. You cannot punish us for something that the boys should get under control. The skin above the knee is not that inappropriate. The year before this dress code was changed to what it is today, the rule was that it had to be fist length. This meant we could wear shorts, be comfortable outside and in, and concentrate on our work. It is very hard to perform your best when sweating in your jeans.

The girls at this school fought for our rights to wear tempos. We made petitions and talked to our principal many times. But he would not budge. Unfortunately, we are still staring at our tempos until the weekend when we can wear them again.

I believe that the way to make sure everyone does the best they can at school is by letting them be comfortable in an appropriate way. Fist length shorts are much easier to find and would make the school more equal. If boys can wear athletic shorts, why can’t we?

Thank you for reading and if something isn’t fair at your school, don’t be afraid to speak out. You have a right of speech, so if something can be changed for the better than change it!

Fairy Tales

Hey, guys! Sorry, I have been inactive recently, I have been super busy and have not had time to publish anything. But I’m back and I have a new topic to discuss.

Fairy tales are the basis of childhood. Everyone can remember when they were babies and their parents would read to them stories of princesses in towers and knights in shining armor and treasure chests and golden apples. And I for one am a huge fan of the Grimm Brothers and their stories (Fun fact: I recently met a descendant from them at a bookstore in Asheville when getting a complete edition of the stories!). But they all have the same basis. Either the father makes a bad decision and sells off his daughters to bad people, and whoever rescues them gets to marry them, or a knight goes off on an adventure and rescues a princess from a spell and gets to marry her.


Either way, they all end with the girl being saved and being married to a man just because he was brave enough to rescue her. What if he’s a jerk or an idiot? You think that because she just got saved she should be so thankful and be dedicated to him? That would be like saying, “Oh thank you fireman, you just saved me from the fire, I’m going to marry you now.” how crazy would that be? Back then when these stories were being written, morals were really messed up. They treated women like property, trading a girl off from one man to another. Both ends of the marriage should have a say in if they really want to be married to someone.

On the topic of crazy old literature, I had to read Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” which states in Viola’s monologue, “How easy is it for the proper false- In women’s waxen hearts to set their forms!- Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we- For such as we are made of, such we be.” which basically means how easy it is to change a woman’s heart with something like an object. It is comparing our hearts to wax, easy to mold and change to one’s liking. Not unlike the property idea brought up recently.

In conclusion, morals were different back then and we know this through books and pieces of writing. From poems to diaries to fairy tales, these ideas are transported to our time. We should learn from this literature that we need to change something and make sure it stays changed. We must believe everyone their own human being and doesn’t belong to someone. Thank you.

Women’s March on Washington

Oh my gosh. This looked amazing. I wish I could’ve flown to Washington D.C. to participate. The Women’s March is a like a parade where people from all over come together to voice their opinions about women’s rights. There are many marches all over the country, and there is one in Charlotte (my hometown). I would have gone but I was really busy all of Saturday.

The Women’s March is all about standing up for women’s rights, thousands of people participated! I know several of my mom’s friends participated in Charlotte and D.C. and I wish I could’ve gone.


I was a little confused at first about the purpose behind this amazing march. I did a little researching on the topic and according to the official Women’s March website, “In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.”. Those sentences are powerful, and I felt so strong just after reading that. The world can’t go on if half of the population doesn’t have the same rights as the other half.

I believe that all of these efforts are helping the cause, but I believe that we need someone strong that has the power to enforce women rights not only in the U.S. but in other countries where girls aren’t even valued enough to go to school. We need someone that can change laws and empower women. This is one of the reasons I would have voted for Hilary Clinton because having a female president will have a tremendous impact on girls everywhere. Having a female president would have shown women that they can do anything and be their own person.

Thank you for reading all of this and comment below if you supported a Women’s Rights March somewhere in the U.S.!

Can Men be Feminists?

Of course they can! I just read an amazing comment that read, “I was talking the other day about the discussion you wrote about involving Romeo and Juliet and I brought up that I thought there were 3 categories, the feminist the malist and the equalist and someone laughed and said that there is no such thing as a malist! I think there are in fact such things as malists, men who believe they should be able to do everything women can, and this sort of bothered me like can women want equality and men are just happy with what they have? I mean men a teachers, nurses, etc all things that would have been women stereo typically.”. While I read this it brought up a good point. Can women want equality and men just accept it? I think this ties in with another question, “Can men be feminists?”. And to answer the first question I think you should answer the second question first.

So, can men be feminists? Well as I said in my last post, being a feminist means that you support the equality of women rights. So I believe men can be feminists just because they support female rights. This doesn’t mean that they think females are better than men or that they don’t support their own gender. Just that they want the world to be equal among genders. So yes men can be feminists. My dad and brother are feminists (although my brother not as much as me). I feel like you should support feminism at least a little bit if you have a mom, sister, aunt, grandma, niece, female cousin, girlfriend, a friend that is a girl, or you even know a girl. Because if you don’t that means that you think that women don’t need equal rights and they should just stay home and be cook.

Thank you for reading this, I’m sorry I didn’t put a picture in, I couldn’t think of one. Comment down below if you think men can or cannot be feminist and why. 🙂

The Definition of Feminism

So I realized the other day that I couldn’t support my definition of feminism and I felt very guilty. But I will start at the beginning.

So we were in math class, when at my group of desks we came across a problem about Romeo and Juliet. In the problem, it said, that Romeo ran 5 mph and Juliet ran 4 mph. You had to find out something relating to seconds and where they met, but my first thought was what? Why did they decide to make Juliet slower than Romeo? Some boys countered that it was just because she was wearing a dress and you can’t run fast in a dress. And I was like how do you know, have you been wearing a lot of dresses recently? But anyways, one of my friends said it was and another said it wasn’t. Then I started talking about my blog, which you are on right now :), and said they should visit it and what not.


Then one of my friends said that she was not a hardcore feminist (like me) and that she did not think that women were better than men. But she also thought that men are not better than women. She said she was an “equalist”. Someone who believed everyone is equal. And I said that I did not believe that women are better than men because that would be sexist, but that I support women rights. And we argued about what the definition of feminism is. I looked it up and it said: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Which I support. This is what I believe feminism means, that women are equals to men and should be treated as such. Which includes equal pays, equal ability to get a job, and equal schooling.

Feminism is a big issue, and some don’t know the definition of it or how it impacts each individual. We need to spread the word and educate people. Comment down below on if you have ever educated someone about sexism in the world we live in.

Hats or Crowns?

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I have been very busy. I am also not excited to go back to school tomorrow, our district decided that we are only going to have 13 days off this year for winter break, not even two weeks! What is that about?? Anyways, I have a story to tell.

New Years Eve Table

So the very nice family that hosts the New Years Eve party every year set this table up. When the mom was buying supplies for this, thank you by the way, she told her daughters to get crowns for the girls and hats for the boys. The oldest daughter (who is close to my age) said, “Kate would think that is sexist giving the girls crowns but the boys hats. We should have all hats.”. So they had all hats as you can see.

At the party, they told me all about this and I felt very gratified for inspiring someone else. I also was proud of the oldest daughter for her observation, because I would have been upset finding that girls did not get hats, but crowns. The whole party was very fun and exciting, and thank you to the family who set it up (you know who you are).

Thanks for reading this, and comment below if there has been a time in your life where you have inspired someone to confront sexism in their life.

What It’s All About

Hello, fellow feminagers! Welcome to my blog. Here, I plan to talk about sexist things that I see and deem as sexist. Some may be big, some may be small. But I want to stand up for women’s rights and point out to the public that there is sexism all around us. If you want to help me in this battle, then feel free to comment and talk about sexism in your life. If you disagree with me and believe that men are superior and women don’t deserve equal rights, then you can leave. I am so happy that you are here, feel free to kick back and chat with all the feminagers.

Are Baby Showers Sexist?

As part of the older crowd in my family, I have been to a couple baby showers. I recently visited one in the summer for my baby cousin. He is sooooo cute now! But the drive was long and I had wanted to stay home instead, but my grandpa said, “Hey Val,” that’s my mom, “how about you bring Kate with you?”. I love my grandpa, but I didn’t want to go at the time, and I remember wondering why he didn’t ask my brother to go? I mean, was he expecting me to love it but not my brother? Then I realized that he was being sexist. So I went and had a good time, but at the end I accused him of being sexist. Thinking that because I am a girl that I like babies more than my brother. This may be true, but how should he know this, the baby wasn’t even there! He looked stunned, this was the first time I remembered to have raised my voice at him. He defended himself by saying, “But you know, men coming to baby showers is a new thing, it used to just be women.” Or something like that. And I said something along the lines of, “Well this is 2016, not 1950. Men are free to go to baby showers as much as women are.”. I was happy with myself the car ride home, and I laughed about it when I shared the news with the rest of my family.

If you think that my grandpa was being sexist or just sticking to what he grew up knowing, leave a comment below!